What we do.

A little about us: We are located in the center of Milwaukee’s Bay View neighborhood, and it’s our goal to provide great wine at an affordable price . . . and we’ll kick it with you if you wanna nerd out, or just go bonkers. We like pouring out of magnums. We have delicious cocktails, and totally approachable beers. There are snacks. We love food but can’t stand the word “foodie.” We allow people to order in their own food. We totally love doing both public and private events. We have a pretty tight happy hour and certifiably crazy weekday specials. Some things are written on chalkboards, and our menu is printed in a faux typewriter font (because we’re a wine bar?). Yes, you can swear at the bar but you should never curse your bartender. We like to play good music, and sometimes we just need to crank it past traditional wine bar volume. Most importantly though, just have fun; explore the menu’s lesser-known varietals. Ask us questions. We’re here to join you in the (never-ending) quest to appreciate the world of wine.

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